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Provided streaming portal 

Hosted LIVE & archived events

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Meeting agenda included in archives

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Regional WebTV

Our goal is to provide Local Governments, Educational Institutions, and the Community with an outlet for their organizations. We accomplish this by live streaming and archiving events , along with providing free digital access to those events anywhere, anytime.


what have our clients said?

"... highly recommend them for live-streaming, broadcasting, and technical support of meetings both in-person and virtually."


"... provided outstanding performance in not only routine meetings, but in other out of the ordinary events we have asked them to cover for us."


" ...highly professional, competent, and responsive, and without fail, deliver a high quality of services...any engagement with this company will be of the highest quality."


upcoming events

april 20, 2021

Stafford Board of Supervisors @ 3:00 PM

Fredericksburg City Council @ 5:30 PM

april 26, 2021

Spotsylvania School Board @ 6:30 PM

Fredericksburg ARB @ 7:00 PM

april 27, 2021

Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors @ 7:00 PM

Fredericksburg City Council @ 7:30 PM

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